We regularly release new versions of our software package here. Currently, we are working on a Linux kernel patch that enables process shaping. The first prototype is already available for download below. Older versions that implement process shaping in a user-space threading library are also available. To browse our software releases use this link.

Below are the kernel-space and the user-space implementation of TAP. In order to install TAP you will need either the kernel patch for system call shaping in kernel space or the user-space threading library to shape system calls from user space. Notice: User space threading library is outdated , we recommend the kernel patch.

Linux kernel patch + autoshaping tool

  • The first kernel level implementation is available as patch against the Linux kernel version 2.6.20 (download). The package includes the kernel patch and additional user tools. A readme is online and included in the package.
  • The autoshpaing user tool is available here (download). Please read readme for installation and functionality.

User-space threading library

  • Version 0.3 is available for download here. The focus of this implementation is on traffic shaping system calls. This release supports condition variables and UDP sockets and a heuristic algorithm for cache aware disk call shaping.
  • Version 0.2 is available for download here. It is based on our first release but heavily modified and simplier. Appointments are now handled implicit by tokens. A system call is only executed if enough tokens are available for the involved resource.
  • The prototype implementation used in SBG05 is available for download here. It is a user space threading library for linux and uses the native asynchronous IO library for linux, a cached version of libaio can be downloaded here.